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King of the Assholes
Welcome to King of the Assholes!

The only online community site where you can nominate your favorite asshole and have your story told for all the world to see. Anonymously upload any photo (please, no nudity or we'll have to kick you off) and enter your asshole's qualifications. Then, after we review and approve your submission, you can view it, make changes, invite your friends to view it, check the hit counter and add comments in the asshole's blog. You can request a notification whenever someone makes an entry. Every month we'll feature an Asshole of the Month, someone we feel deserves the honor of gracing our home page with their image and story. You can browse our database of submitted assholes and vote for your favorite or make an entry in their blog. It's that easy. You might want to come back just to make sure you are not in our system.

Disclaimer: King of the Assholes does not endorse or condone the misuse of the site and is not responsible for the content posted. The purpose of the site is for humor and psychological benefit for those struggling with assholes every day.

Were you born an asshole?
Or did you work at it your whole life?
Either way it worked out fine
'Cause you're an asshole tonight

Yes you're an A-S-S-H-O-L-E
And don't you try to blame it on me
You deserve all the credit
You're an asshole tonight

You were an asshole yesterday
You're an asshole tonight
And I've got a feelin'
You'll be an asshole the rest of your life

Fred Campbell (Except from the I-95 Asshole Song)

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